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Pass A Drug Test - Palo Azul Tea
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Welcome to The Official Tony Bonito's Palo Azul website. On this site you can purchase 100% Authentic, Fresh & Dependable Palo Azul. You can also learn how to use our step by step directions to make the perfect Palo Azul tea/tonic to pass a drug test.


What Is Palo Azul:

Tony Bonito's Palo Azul,  Blue Kidney Wood Tea/Tonic, comes from only the finest selection of Eysenhardtia Orthocarpa trees which are predominately grown in Mexico and Texas. Our company is located in Amarillo, TX giving us the advantage to produce the very best Palo Azul available! 


Tony Bonito's Palo Azul is primarily used to detoxify and cleanse a persons Kidneys, Bladder & Urethra from toxins and contaminates. Our Palo Azul has the power to clear UT Infections and kidney stones. Tony Bonito's Palo Azul also has the ability to cleanse the body from THC and other toxins contributed from marijuana use. Each pack of Tony Bonito's Palo Azul contains approximately 1 ounce of 100% Authentic Palo Azul. Every pack is carefully selected to ensure maximum satisfaction. Larger quantities available by inquiry. See the About Us page to contact us directly for wholesale pricing.


Drug Testing:

Each pack makes typically about 1/2 a gallon of Palo Azul tea/tonic. Those attempting to pass a urine test with Tony Bonito's Palo Azul are urged to drink the entire amount of produced tea, approximately 18-24 hours before a urinary analysis "drug test" or random drug test. Hydration is also an important factor when taking Tony Bonito's Palo Azul. *Drinking plenty of water is important when taking Palo Azul to pass a marijuana urine test. However, don't over do it. Urine that is too clean may possibly draw red flags due to highly abnormal p.h balances. Max 4-6 bottles of water per day is a safe amount to consume after drinking Palo Azul.

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